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Past and Present Clients

Palm Beach Co Department of Health

Leveraging Data for QI and Beyond

Hager Health leveraged its years of experience in stakeholder communication and involvement to assist Palm Beach County Florida refine its HIV Clinical Quality Management Plan. Working closely with key state and county staff, Michael developed new data reports that are easily converted to graphics for use in presentations and infographics. In addition, Michael trained state and county staff on how to manipulate the data to make it meaningful for various stakeholder groups. Michael based this work on a data collection plan that combined state and county priorities for stakeholder engagement in addition to funding and policy decision-making.

 NJ Department of Health

Peer Learning and Collaborative Learning

Hager Health is part of the core faculty of the New Jersey Behavioral Health and HIV Integration Project, a four-year learning collaborative for New Jersey HIV care and treatment funded primary care and behavioral health providers. As part of the core faculty, HH has been instrumental in creating the BHIP Charter and performance measurement system. HH has also provided important feedback into the curriculum, including the editorial calendar and content of face-to-face and virtual learning materials. As a practice transformation coach, HH is working with five participating agencies in southern NJ to develop and achieve site-specific integration goals and to provide insight and guidance on their integration-focused quality improvement projects.

Indiana Department of Health

Expert Facilitation

Hager Health is providing expert facilitation services to the Indiana State Department of Health HIV Services Program related to HIV clinical quality management as part of a team of consultants (Organizational Ideas) expanding Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part B services across Indiana. HH is working with ISDH staff to design and implement a new clinical quality management infrastructure and quality management performance measurement system as a platform on which statewide quality improvement projects can be conducted. Project Phase I includes providing input and guidance on the creation of the quality management plan and statewide quality management committee is occurring alongside ISDH staff training and development. Project Phase II includes developing statewide training for HIV quality management and support for statewide quality improvement projects

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